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The Borrow Dental Milk Foundation


Aims: "To promote the study and research into the fluoridation of milk and to publish and disseminate the results of such work."

http://www.borrowfoundation.com/main-home.html : "BDMF's international programme is being developed in close collaboration with the World Health Organization. From the mid-eighties the organisations have worked closely together, with the relationship underpinned by a Memorandum of Understanding since 1991. On-going joint work has included production of the WHO manual Milk fluoridation for the prevention of dental caries (1996) and subsequent translation of this manual into Russian."

Financial contributor to the World Health Organization´s Noncommunicable Disease cluster ($268,551 in 1998/1999) and to the ORCA (European Organization for Caries Research), the publisher of "Caries Research".

History of the Foundation: http://www.borrowfoundation.com/main-about.html

The Foundation (organized by Edgar Wilfried Borrow) holds British Patent GB 1.249.852, filed Nov. 4, 1968, patented Oct. 13, 1971, "Improvements relating to the treatment of milk", which specifies a method for the fluoridation of milk. Borrow´s British Patents GB 1,446,355 (filed Nov. 8, 1973; granted Aug. 18, 1976) and GB 2,142,250 (filed June 23, 1983; granted Jan. 16, 1985), along with European Patent (EP) 0,130,057 (June 21, 1984; publ. Jan. 2, 1985) and US Patent 4,509,863 (filed June 25, 1984; granted April 9, 1985) detail a beverage mixing and dispensing apparatus for fluoridating and flavoring milk and beverages. Borrow: "In view of the resistance in many parts of the country to the artificial fluoridation of drinking water, it has been suggested that fluoride for the reduction of dental decay could be supplied to children by means of beverages provided at school ..." 

The following section is taken from an article about Borrow that was published in the German journal "NEUE GESUNDHEIT" No. 12, 1984, p. 26:

"The use of fluoridated milk as a measure for tooth preservation in children recently got a large support from the European Community. The suitability of fluoridated milk for children of school age has now been officially recognized, and according to a decision of the European Community the delivery to the 50 million children in the ten member states is to be sponsored by official subsidies.

The research projects that led to the drastic change of attitude of the European Community were financed by the Borrow Dental Milk Foundation, a welfare organization founded by Dr. Edgar W. Borrow, a retired dairy cattle breeder, and having its seat near Portsmouth in England. According to Dr. Borrow´s conviction, the European Community decision will give milk a new image ..." 

see also Discussion on fluoridated school milk: HOUSE OF LORDS, UK, Feb. 13, 2002 and

WHO Collab. Center: http://www.whocollab.od.mah.se/wpro/china/data/milkfluoridebackgr.html